Wigs vs. Weaves: Which Extensions Are Best For You?

If you’re the type of girl who can’t be bothered with doing your own hair on a day to day basis, extensions are a great option. Whether you need a seasonal protective style to give your hair a break, or you’re looking for something deluxe for a special occasion like a summer wedding or a graduation, extensions can pretty much help you achieve any look you want. As a quick reference, here are some benefits and drawbacks for both extension types:

WIGS: Benefits

  • Infinite style options and looks
  • Lower price than getting a weave installed
  • You can maintain your natural hair underneath and allow your scalp to breathe

WIGS: Drawbacks

  • You have to re-install it daily
  • It’s not as secure because it isn’t sewn on

VERDICT: Wigs are great if you like to switch up your look OFTEN. They are inexpensive, they can be easily blended with your own hair if you find one that matches your hair well (or get one custom made) and they allow you to maintain your natural hair because you can take them on and off at any time.

BEST FOR: special occasions, trying out a new look before doing it permanently, hair chameleons who like to switch their looks up from week to week

WEAVES: Benefits

  • Less hair manipulation of your natural hair
  • Style can last for 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance
  • More permanent and secure

WEAVES: Drawbacks

  • Harder to maintain your own hair underneath
  • Less style options as it’s a permanent (6 week) look
  • More expensive

VERDICT: Weaves are best for women who want a protective style that they don’t have to manipulate at all. Once it’s in, it’s in and with proper care, it will stay for almost 2 months. Keep in mind though, that you have a harder challenge with maintaining your scalp and your natural hair underneath since it is so permanent.

BEST FOR: seasonal hair changes, long term protective styling, giving natural hair a break

So which extension style is best for you? Assess what you want out of your hairstyle and use this as a guide to determine what will work. 

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