The Best Black Hair Instagrams of the Week: Fall’s Best Protective Styles

If it hasn’t already gotten colder in your city, it will sooner than you think. The weather is currently in its mood of being 65 degrees one day and 40 the next. When this happens, the struggle to find something to wear in the morning is beyond real, but while you tackle that, make sure your hair is stress-free. What better way to do so than to get a protective style? Whether it’s a wig, a weave, braids, or a ‘fro, get yourself a hairstyle that doesn’t require your attention every day. In need of a bit of inspiration? You know what to do.

Check out our favorite black hair Instagrams below!


Long, textured hair is the must-try, statement-making hairstyle this fall. Not only will it turn heads, but it’ll also keep yours warm.


Zoë Kravitz switched up her braids and went for a more bohemian look that we instantly fell in love with. africancreature


Never let anyone tell you that you can’t have fun with short hair. Jennifer Hudson cut all her hair off a couple months ago and she’s been coming with flawless looks ever since.


We’re not sure if we have the patience to get braids this skinny and long, but Gabrielle Union is working the hairstyle like no other. Photo:


The more hair the better especially when it’s a wig that can he worn whenever you like. You know what they say: Go big or go home.

-DaMonica Boone

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