Talk of the Week: EverythingCurvyandChic

The beautiful thing about the internet and social media is that it has brought about so many opportunities for new voices in fashion and beauty to be seen and heard. Girls of all shapes and sizes now have a strong voice and a sense of community. One of these strong voices is this week’s “Talk of the Week” blogger Chante of @EverythingCurvyandChic.

imageThere are so many reasons to love Chante. She has a killer sense of style, a radiant smile and she gives the best real-girl practical advice about everything from dressing fearlessly to hairstyling tips.

Chante has found a way to break barriers and wear trendy plus size pieces in a bold and beautiful way.



If you ask us the digital world needs more girls like her! So run, don’t walk, to Chante’s IG page @EverythingCurvyandChic and click follow. Tell her sent you!

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