Questions To Ask Before Heading To The Salon

Whether you are heading to a salon for the first time, or going someplace where you’re a “regular” but for a different type of service than what you’re used to, there are a few questions you should ask either over the phone or in person to make sure you have the best possible experience.

The last thing you want when spending your hard-earned money to see a professional is to be unhappy, so ask questions up front so that you’re informed before you get into the chair. Here are 5 common questions to keep in mind:

1. Is There Someone Who Specializes In What I Want?

Whether it’s a special haircut, extensions installation or heat-styling your natural hair, there are often stylists within a salon who do one or two things spectacularly well. One stylist might be incredibly skilled at cut and color, while another is a whiz at heat-styling naturally curly hair. Speak to an honest representative who can tell you which stylist to go to for which services. Another way to figure this out? Sit in the lobby and watch the stylists work. You’ll quickly come to find that certain clientele gravitate towards a particular stylist because of his or her speciality.

2. Are There Examples Of Your Work?

While this isn’t always readily available, many professional stylists have some sort of portfolio of their work. Whether you are getting your hair braided at a neighborhood braiding shop where they can give you a book of styles, or you’re going to super high-end celebrity stylist, having examples of the salon’s past masterpieces can be very helpful when making a decision. With the growth of social media, this is even more prevalent. Ask if the salon or stylist has an Instagram or Facebook page. Jackpot!

3. Do You Carry My Brand?

If you are very particular about the types of products you put on your hair, you might want to call ahead and find out the brand of hair products they use in-salon. If they don’t have your brand, consider bringing your own. Most salons and stylists should honor your request to have your own products on-hand. Again, if you are paying them you should feel completely comfortable with the process and that includes the products being used.

4. Can I See?

You’ve seen the makeover shows. They keep the process hidden from the guest while the transformation takes place. That may work for a makeover show, but doesn’t always work in real life. Before making a drastic change like an extreme hair cut or color, you want to find out what the stylist’s policies are for showing you the process before the hair is actually finished. If it’s a new salon, you especially want to feel comfortable with the entire process from beginning to end. Communicate that up front.

5. What Happens If I Don’t Like It?

You should know before committing to a salon what their policy is if you are unhappy with the style. Will they work to get it just right if you are not pleased? Will they only charge you half price if they make a mistake? Before you commit to anything, figure out what your options are in the unfortunate case that you don’t like the finished product.

Moral of the story? Know before you go and avoid unnecessary drama! Be empowered to ask questions before you make an investment on your hair.

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