5 Answers to the Top Questions Black Women Have About Hair

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Black women and our hair. It’s a known fact that our relationship to our tresses has evolved. But, time has proved over and over again that there are certain questions Black women will always have.

That’s why, we tapped NYC hair stylist La Shawn Thompson, to give us the real deal on the five questions we just want the final answers to.

How can I actually grow my hair? 

Thompson says, “the key to growing hair starts with a healthy scalp. A lot of women have the misconception that you have to grease your scalp. The scalp doesn’t have to be greased because it produces its own sebum. When it is greased, it is clogging the pores, which can lead to scalp disorders. Making sure the hair is moisturized with oil is key.”

Thompson also notes that “women with relaxed hair”, only need “light oil” applied to their scalp. “Women with natural hair can use hair butters. You can select which butter is best for you based upon your hair texture.”

She also believes in having a healthy body and lifestyle. Citing that “A healthy eating regimen helps support hair growth. Remember, you don’t need hair in order to live, so the nutrients in your body go to the vital organs first. So make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals so that your hair gets its share as well.”

Does getting your hair trimmed really help grow our hair?

Thompson says, “Skipping out on trims will not support hair growth. Opting out of a trim when needed causes the hair to split more which means that you will have more hair to trim later on.”

How often should we wash our hair?

Thomson says washing our hair “weekly” will be best. “Environment and products cause the hair to become dirty. Working out is also a culprit as well as it causes the hair to sweat, which dries the hair out.” So ladies, get that good wash in once a week if you can.

Can we really get our edges back after they are gone?

Thompson says that you’ll have to get the advice of a dermatologist for this top concern amongst Black women. “A dermatologist can tell you if the follicle is alive or not.” From there, she notes the “doctor can inform you on what treatments can work for that area.”

Is it possible to have a relaxer and healthy hair?

“You can have healthy hair with a relaxer in”, Thompson says. “Making sure you are deep conditioning regularly and keeping the hair moisturized are ways you can keep the hair healthy with a relaxer.”

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