5 Updos To Rock For Your Valentine’s Day Date

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you beauties have locked in your dates for the evening.  If you haven’t, no worries it’s ok to take yourself out tonight. But one of the biggest worries for women tonight will be, what to wear for their special occasions. I’m sure you’ll figure that part out, but we’re here to help your with your fabulous tresses.

Hair is the ultimate accessory and it totally completes your look. For many naturalistas, we just opt for a nice twist out and call it a day but today is special. On V-day we want to look nice for our dates, just in case he takes us to that fancy restaurant we’ve been eyeing since restaurant week. We could just rock a twist out but for Cupid, we try to spice things up a little and a nice updo will do the trick.

Since our pampering time takes long enough as is, I’ve decided to put together a list of quick and easy updos you can rock for your date. None of these updos should take longer than ten minutes so you’ll have plenty of time left for selfies. Take a look.

1. Curly updo– One of my favorite quick looks! looks good on twistouts and rollersets. Make sure the night before you set your hair for this style by doing two strand twist, flat twist, or rods. Next part across the back of your hair and twist your hair all the way up to the crown of your head. Make sure to secure the twist with bobby pins as needed. Fluff out the front a little bit by taking a wide tooth comb and teasing it.

natural hair updo for black women

Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com/letriana

2. Pompadour into ponytail- section out your hair into a square in the front of your hair. Make sure your part is centered. Put this section into a pompadour and secure with pins. Next, take a stretch headband and place it over the bobby pins. Pin headband and at the bottom cross the band and slowly tigten while pulling up the back of your hair. You can go up as far as you want, I only go a few inches so that more hair is out and it looks fuller. Once you get there pin the headband with three bobby pins and fluff out your ponytail.

natural hairstyles for black women

Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com/letriana

3. Roll, tuck, and pin with pompadour- This style is great if you are going for a vintage 50’s look. Part your hair into a square in the front for your pompadour. You can make it as wide as you want but I still recommend leaving some of the side out. Next, part your hair directly down the middle after your pompadour. Slick your sides down using water and shea butter with a brush. From the top take one side and twist your hair down to the bottom and secure with a pin. Complete the same steps for the other side. Take the remaining hair at the bottom and roll it up tucking it with a pin.

natural hairstyles for black women

Photo Credit: http://blackwomennaturalhairstyles.com/

4. Headband Twist, tuck, and pin– A very eleagant easy updo that only required four bobby pins for me. First section out the front of your hair leaving the middle and back out. Starting at your edges flat twist across the front of your hair occassionally loosening the twist so that it’s pumped up a little bit. Once you reach the other side pin down with two bobby pins. It should look like a headband. Next create two sections in the back, at the top take all of your hair and roll it once tucking it underneath with a bobby pin ( you can use more if you’d like). Now take the bottom and roll it up once securing with another bobby pin.

zoe saldana twisted hair

Photo Credit: Getty Images

5. Curly, tuck, and pin – if you’re looking for something sexy yet classy try this one out! You can either do this from a twistout or curl foamers from the previous night. Section off a little bit of hair in the front like you would do a side part and clip it to separate it from the other hair. Part your hair down the middle and roll each side down securing it with a pin. If you want to get fancy you can cross the end of your hair to make a cute pattern in the back. Fluff your curly hair out and you’re good to go!


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Hopefully these updos will help you complete your date night look for Valentine’s Day, I’m sure the Mr. will love it! What is your favorite date night style?




 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alyssa Bigbee is a freelance writer based in New York city. From video games and sports to fashion and beauty, her blog Sneaks & Pumps, will give you insight into various interest without the coddling. 

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