My Hair Journey: Natural Hair Blogger, Victoria Sallie

For many women there is nothing more exciting than looking for beauty and hair inspiration from their favorite celebrity crush or influencer such as a trendy blogger. Victoria Sallie is the New York curly natural behind her blog,, where she shares her hair inspiration and hair basics to the masses. Let’s welcome Talk Tresses to the Talking Texture Community!

Talking Texture: Can you share your preferred hairstyle and what you do to maintain it? 

Victoria Sallie: Honestly my favorite style is the wash-n-go because of how simple it is. I maintain it just by sleeping on a satin pillowcase (yes, I am that lazy).

TT: How would you describe your hair in three words?

VS: Curly, unique, and mine!

TT: What hair trend are you currently loving?

VS: I love the faux locs trend. I’m definitely not brave enough to make that full commitment, and it’s nice to see ladies try out the style.

TT: What was the inspiration behind starting your blog Talk Tresses?

VS: Well, my best friend Tiffany (@TheAllureDiaries) had been running her fashion blog for a few years and she told me that I needed a hobby, so I should try blogging since I liked to write. I had no idea what to write about at first, but when I started my hair journey, I decided it would be as good of a topic to write about as any. Everything just grew from there.

TT: As a blogger in the beauty industry, we can’t imagine how hectic your daily schedule can become. What is one hair tip that helps you save time?

VS: “Pre-pooing” the night before I shampoo. especially if I haven’t washed my hair in a few days. It makes washday go so much faster because my hair is easier to detangle and it’s not as dried out from shampoo.

TT: Let’s play a little game…never have I ever done ____ to my hair.

VS: Never have I ever done a henna treatment to my hair.

TT: Have you ever been faced with an uncomfortable situation because of your hair?

VS: The most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever faced because of my natural hair was having a boyfriend that hated it. It was extremely difficult and took a lot of blows to my self-confidence, but I dealt with it simply by reminding myself that it was something I wanted to do and didn’t have anything to do with another person. Now, I love my hair and no one can tell me anything different.

TT: When did you begin to appreciate or love your hair and its texture?

VS: Honestly, I began to love my natural hair as soon as I first saw my curls popping up during my transitioning phase. I hadn’t seen my natural texture pretty much ever (my mom kept my hair blow dried or in twists until I got a relaxer at 13), and I couldn’t believe how defined my curls were. It’s been love ever since.

-Marisa Peal

Marisa Peal is a Philadelphia-based natural hair blogger/cosmetologist covering the science of natural hair and beauty on For more hair + beauty updates follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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