The Easiest Ways to Give Your Hair a Break

We work hard, play harder and find ourselves needing rest and rejuvenation. Our bodies need to be refueled and taken care of. And sometimes, that means doing absolutely nothing.

When it comes to our hair, the system is no different. What we fail to realize is that we put a lot of stress, wear and tear on our hair, even if we are taking ample care of our strands. There are moments when our hair needs rest.

Here are 3 ways you can give it that much needed “R&R”.

Put Down the Heat Styling Tools

It’ll probably be hard to do this during the workweek, but taking a Saturday or Sunday to let your hair breathe from any type of stress or styling can be a great thing. If you can go longer, that’s even better. But the mission is to give your strands a moment away from any kind of heat. Think about substituting your flat-ironed looks for a chic twist out, high-bun (that’s not too tight) or even an air-dried roller set.

Take Out Your Weave, and Keep It Out

Well, keep it out for longer than a few weeks. Maybe try a month. While weaves can be protective styles, they can also pull and tug at your scalp. Even if your stylist is putting it in correctly, there is still tension on the scalp. Give your scalp some time to rejuvenate itself by taking your weave out, and keeping it out for about a month.

Find a Favorite Stress Free, Go-to Style

Whether it’s a wig, a loose topknot or letting your natural coils fall, you’ll want to find a style you really like and won’t stress your tresses. The goal is to make sure your style isn’t too tight or preventing your scalp from feeling any pressure. Plan to rock this style for a good two weeks, giving your hair some real time to relax.

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