My Hair Journey: Aqiyla McLean the Music Junkie

By day, Aqiyla McLean is a boss chick overseeing and managing properties for Manhattan’s consistently growing population. But, by night, consider her the ultimate music junkie! If she’s not filling her ears with loads of indie hip-hop, you’ll catch Aqiyla at the liveliest music performances. You may even spot her hanging out at the studio in the midst of some lyrical cypher, taking place.

This Brooklyn beauty from Crown Heights also likes to showcase her sense of style where ever she goes and enjoys changing her hair even more. Let’s welcome Aqiyla McLean to the Talking Texture community to see how she likes to switch up her bob-like tresses!

Can you share your preferred hairstyle and what you do to maintain it?

Aqiyla McLean: My preferred hairstyle is definitely a bob. As most know, when you’re rocking a short cut, it requires heavy maintenance. Washing every week is one way I’ve learned to maintain it. I try to bump it every night, and then wrap it before I go to sleep so that it’ll look full the next morning. My hair is naturally oily, so I use minimal hair products when styling.

How would you describe your hair in three words?

AM: Seasonal, excessively oily, and super thick.

What hair trend are you currently obsessed with?

AM: I always have “Bob fever.” Whether it’s my real hair or a sew-in, I feel like you can never go wrong with a bob. Although I do have my moments where I like to play Rapunzel. But bobs always seem to do it for me.

As women, we are always looking to free up time to style our hair. What is one tip that you swear by?

AM: Prep your hair the night before. It definitely gives you more time in the morning to focus on your outfit and makeup.

Let’s play a little game…never have I ever done ____ to my hair!

AM: Never have I ever bleached or put a color other than black on my real hair. I’ve done ombres to my weaves, but I won’t dare do that to my hair. I have way too many friends where I’ve witnessed their horror stories, first hand, from bad bleach jobs or just not keeping up with the color.

Have you ever been faced with an uncomfortable situation because of your hair? If so, how did you handle it?

AM: Surprisingly, I have never been faced with any uncomfortable situation because of my hair. However with my fashion, hell yes, because I express myself more through my style but with my hair I tend to keep it very business savvy.

When did you begin to appreciate or love your hair and its texture?

AM: Growing up, I didn’t understand why my hair wasn’t like the texture of the girls I saw on the Disney Channel. It wasn’t until I grew older and wiser, and became more knowledgeable of how being Black is really beautiful, that I started to truly appreciate my hair texture.

-Marisa Peal

Marisa Peal is a Philadelphia-based natural hair blogger/cosmetologist covering the science of natural hair and beauty on For more hair + beauty updates follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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