8 Ways to Snap Your Color Treated Hair Back Into Shape

I’m sure you’ve seen all the gorgeous and lovely hair color inspiration images of women flaunting their pastel, neon, and other beautiful hues of colored hair styles on here. The hair coloring fun should not stop there and I encourage everyone to step outside of the safe zone to express their unique hair personality. For those of you who dare to wear your hair a new shade of color every couple of months you can keep your hair in great condition by implementing these simple tips to your routine.

Pre-Treating the Hair with an Oil

Pre-poo is simply creating a protective moisture barrier around the hair by applying penetrating oil (ex. coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil etc.) before the shampooing process. Think of it as a hot oil treatment but the ‘hot’ part is optional. Colored hair is naturally prone to dryness so this will rebalance the hair with quick moisture and lessen the vigorous friction as you shampoo.

Stay Away from Sulfates

Shampoos not only make curly hair drier, but it has the same effect on hair that’s colored too. Sulfates can also contribute to your hair color fading faster which means you’ll need to head to the salon sooner for a color retouch or freshener. Who wants to spend extra money when they don’t have too? Be sure to check your labels before picking up a new shampoo to try.

Using Products Specifically for Color Treated Hair

Creating your specialty DIY shampoos and conditioners with all your favorite natural ingredients is great, but it’s best to have a shampoo and conditioner duo that is made for color-treated hair as well. The natural cleansers and conditioners do their job to rebalancing moisture and keep the hair hydrated but also lack special molecules or ingredients that allow color to stick on the hair to prevent fading. Lighter hair colors such as blonde tones or red tones can really benefit from a colored treated shampoo and you can still alternate between your natural DIY recipes for amazing results.

Deep Condition Religiously

An easy, care free way to get the results of a hair steamer is to let your conditioner sit on the hair, after cleansing it, while taking a nice steamy shower. The steam from the shower will open up the outer cuticle layer on the hair strand to allow the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair as a posed to just sitting on top of the hair itself.

Rinse Hair with Cool Water

Rinsing your hair with cool water after conditioning allows the outer cuticle layer of the hair strand to close and lock in most of the moisture from the conditioner. A cool rinse is also necessary if your hair is colored a high pigmented fashion tone like a pastel or neon color. Doing so minimizes the color from bleeding or rinsing off of the hair too quickly.

Use Low Heat Settings

Use hot tools and appliances like blow dryers or flat irons at a low heat setting to decrease the amount of damage your may encounter. Being mindful of something as simple as the temperature will prevent limp or heat stressed hair in the long run.

Apply a Heat Protector

If you prefer styles that require frequent heat styling there are plenty of heat protectors to choose from for all of your hair care needs. Hair that has a finer texture will benefit from heat protectors in the form of light sprays. For hair that is textured, prone to breakage, or lacks luster a cream based or serum finish heat protector works well for smoothness. It leaves the hair silky and full of shine.

Keep an Eye on Split Ends

Old and dead hair will always be at the very tips of your hair. Don’t hold on to frizzy or damaged ends. Instead, check with you hair stylist to make sure split ends are cared for to keep your hair color and styles on point.

Marisa Peal is a Philadelphia-based natural hair blogger/cosmetologist covering the science of natural hair and beauty on OrganixLocs.com. For more hair + beauty updates follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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